Oosterwold The ultimate do it yourself experience

Oosterwold is a rural area within the borders of Almere and Zeewolde. This zone has always been allocated for the development of a residential area. In 2010 both Almere, Zeewolde, het Rijkvastgoedbedrijf, the Province of Flevoland and het Waterschap Zuiderzeeland (The Water board) joined forces to make the development of the area possible, deviating from the traditional development strategy.

They are leaving the development of Oosterwold, the countryside area on either side of the A27, entirely to private initiative. This means that, in principle, every initiator can choose any place and decide how big the plot will be. They are also free to choose the size of the buildings and their function. So what the area will look like will be determined by private initiative and not by the authorities, who will be taking a large step back.

The area which exists of 10.625 acres of rural landscape will accommodate about 15.000 residences.
Unlike traditional forms of area development Oosterwold lacks the classical blue print of what it will look like in the future. But will maintain its lush and rural touch. Potential developers, named initiatiefnemers, receive only a clear set of rules based on this principle to start their initiative.

Please watch this animation made bij MVRDV for the idea of Oosterwold in a nut shell.

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