The principles

What do we want to keep?
Oosterwold covers an area of 4,363 hectares. It’s an open area that is mainly used for agriculture. Oosterwold is going to change, but agricultural look and feel will remain. There are other part that will stay.

Oosterwold lies in an area of special archaeological interest. For this reason, the subsoil of the locations must often be investigated for any remains. In the subsoil there are channels where the River Eem used to run. The Eem Valley will be used for developing a new landscape structure.

The current water level will be maintained. Initiatives must not affect the water quality; the waste water must be recycled within closed-loop systems and reused. 

Green areas
Whatever happens, Oosterwold is green and will stay that way. Every development in Oosterwold will be surrounded by a free zone for roads, green areas, water and urban agriculture. Every initiative should contribute to maintaining the green landscape, or preferably improving it. A wide variety of green areas will be created in the predominantly agrarian landscape of Oosterwold: meadows, fields, plantations, woods and gardens. More than two thirds of the surface will remain green but then with great variation. The initiators themselves will determine what it will look like, as long as the main ecological structure remains intact.

Oosterwold is an agrarian landscape. That will remain the case but it will change character and will be more linked to the city. Apart from traditional farming that produces for the global market, there is a distinct trend towards local, sustainable and responsibly produced food. Oosterwold is reserving a lot of space for urban farming, in which it is possible to combine with other functions such as hotels & restaurants, recreation, healthcare and/or education. In this way, the city will be interwoven with the agricultural sector. 

Oosterwold is developing into a rural living and working area in which there is space for approximately 15,000 homes in rural living environments. The character of Oosterwold will remain green and agrarian.

The entire area will not be opened up for initiatives at the same time. This method of area development is new for everyone, which is why we are starting on the south-western side of the A27.