The ultimate in self-building

Where can you still build what you want, where you want and with a large slice of land thrown in? Where can you really live outside the built area, with the certainty that your surroundings are green and will stay green? The answer is, in Oosterwold – the countryside between Almere and Zeewolde,  in the vicinity of Amsterdam and Utrecht.

You have already been able to build according to your own taste and ideas on so-called free plots in Almere, although the size and shape of the plots were always pre-determined. Sometimes, there were also stipulations for colour and choice of materials. And in most cases, only homes could be built there. 

None of this applies in Oosterwold. In principle, you can choose any place and decide how big your plot of land will be. You are free to choose the size of building that you want there, and its function. You can build a home, but also a company, a shop, a school or a care farm…the choice is up to you. 

Nowhere does government play a smaller role than in Oosterwold. What the area will ultimately look like depends entirely on the initiators. Although that also means that you will have to arrange and pay for things that the government usually does, such as electricity, clean water and connection to the road network. But you don’t necessarily have to do that on your own. You can work together with other initiators, for things like shared energy supply for example.